I was born on 15th January 1979 in Mladá Boleslav as the only child of Nina Dlasková, a librarian, and Zdeněk Hnilica, a filmmaker. I have two half-brothers from my father’s side (one of whom is the historian Zdeněk Jehlička), and also a half-sister Tereza Münz. The maternal side of my family is one of musicians and teachers – my grandfather Vladislav Dlask was a cellist and a long-time director of the well-known music school in Voršilská street in Prague, my grandmother Eugenie Bakulová was a pianist and piano teacher. My uncle Vladislav Dlask is a bassist, my aunt Eliška a singer and music teacher, my cousin Tereza Marečková is a dramaturge, and cousins Klára Stehmayer and Jana Kozjaková are teachers. I spent my early years in the Prague quarter of Vyšehrad, from the age of five to twenty I lived in the Novodvorská housing estate in Prague-Braník. Ever since my studies I have lived in Brno. I attended the Evropská High School (1994-1995), and later on the Jan Neruda High School (1995-1998), where I studied piano with Jan Tůma and Jitka Němcová, and composition with Jiří Smutný. One of my music teachers here was Vladimír Tichý, who contributed to me being accepted as a student of music theory at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 1998. Theory, however, was not the subject I wanted to study and for three subsequent years I applied for the composition study programme. These attempts were nevertheless unsuccessful, for reasons that are still unclear to me today. In 2000, I was accepted to the Janáček Academy in Brno after applying for the first time and got into the class of František Emmert, which proved very fortunate for me. Emmert was a man of God, extremely loyal to his mission and a tireless composer, fighting (often without effect) not only for his students, but also for the good of everything creative. In addition, he was one of the few teachers who were still composing at Brno Academy, i.e. regardless of the conditions of the musical life, and as such was a great role model for me. Apart from all this, we became close friends and he helped me to face and uproot the uncertainties that had been sowed in me at the Prague Academy. In Brno, I also met other great people, among others Emu Jedlička-Gog, with whom I finally learned how to play piano relaxed, and music historian Jindra Bártová, who stimulated my critical thinking. In 2003, I went for a study stay in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I was able to consult my compositional attempts with the renowned personalities of the Lithuanian avant-garde classics – Osvaldas Balakauskas and Bronius Kutavičius. My teacher at the Academy was the conceptualist composer Rytis Mažulis. This experience, as well as a second stay in Estonia in 2007, fully directed my musical sensibilities to the east. I take little from the contemporary music culture of the West nowadays. Besides music, I am interested in cinematography a lot, especially in the genre of the so called “art-house”. I would like to mention Kira Muratova, Jacques Rivette and Andrzej Zulawski to give just a few names. My work for the theatre as the composer of incidental music is partly a compensation for my lack of opportunities to write for orchestras or film, which I find a closed area with its own rules and protégés. My beginnings in writing for theatre were marked by the collaboration with my cousin Teresa Dlasková, later Marečková, as well as with numerous fellow-students, especially the director Tomáš Pavčík. My activity in this field has found a professional outlet in the works for the Brno-based Buranteatr and Slovácké divadlo in Uherské Hradiště, mostly with director Michal Zetel. I leave my personal life aside here. I don’t live alone, but I like solitude as well. I also have a dog and own a cottage near the town of Tanvald, where I take refuge to work and regenerate. Nature is of great importance to me and I hope I’ll be able to live in the midst of it someday, preferably on the outskirts of human settlement.
Vojtěch Dlask
Toto jsou stránky Vojtěcha Dlaska, jak mu k nim dopomohl .
Dlouho jsme diskutovali o tom, jak by měly vypadat a jaký účel plnit. Mně samotnému je nepříjemné, aby měly propagační účel, případně jen ten. V rozhovoru se svou sestrou jsme přišli na to, že může být fajn mít někde skladiště zápisků a jakékoliv činorodosti, nebo jakýsi deník - dřív to byly stránky sešitů, teď jsou to stránky na webu. Co mně na tomhle nesedí, je obsese pouštět ven jen to, co je ťip-ťop. A vzápětí přichází úvaha o tom, že ve skutečnosti nikdy nic takového nebylo a nebude. Takže znovu: na těchto stránkách bude shromážděno mé snažení a výsledky neodbytného tvůrčího pudu. Budou zde odkazy k mým skladbám, scany toho, co si kreslím, výběr toho, co si zapisuji. Pro ty, které to zaujme, zde bude možnost zanechat mi vzkaz, a bude tu něco víc o mé osobě.